My name is Kevin and this is my blog. I post alot of trippy stuff on here.

there is the chaser who has drive and then there is the one who likes to get sought out by his or her people


that moment when you hear someone getting home and have to brace yourself for the disappearance of your good mood

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Andrew Garfield visits kids dressed as Spider-Man at Kids’ City, London (April 8, 2014)

Andrew Garfield visits kids dressed as Spider-Man at Kids’ City, London (April 8, 2014)

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I personally really hate coming into contact with the public because I can feel their energies and its extremely overwhelming at times. Or better said certain phsycotics, and tripped out motherfuckers. I probably shouldnt talk because they can probably feel mine too. Just be aware of what you are putting out there into the outside world, non verbally speaking here because it will most likely be felt from within by another. Thankfully there is music and other sorts of “occupiers” of the mind



remember that one time you called your teacher mom

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kaytaycakes asked:

Can you pick me up on my birthday?

yeah just give me the address of the hotel or wherever youre staying

Everybody should atleast have one trip in their lifetime and I’m not talking about some little field trip or a trip to the beach. I received a free brownie from one of my friends (friend through friend) after I took the eddie I decided to bike around my neighboorhood to get the eddie digested quicked and its good to excercise anyway. After biking for about an hour I felt like I got a shot of thc flowing through my body, but at this point i wasnt so sure if it was actually that high or stoned I was trying attain, that night the sky was its darkest and the atmoshpere smelled of fresh air with a hint of shit. I went back home before it got too late and before I knew it my mind had got shot into pluto. I found myself laying down on my couch at one point trying to cope with the reality that the edible was saying hello in its fearcest way possible, playing music in the background didnt even help the situation. The things your mind will go thorugh on the trip are pretty undescribable that is why we should all trip atleast once. After awhile I felt like throwing up, but eating helped alot then I blissfully fell asleep only to wake up high the next morning. The planets and highways your mind can go through on a trip are just the most craziest things a human being can experience while truly reaching different planes, but you must be conciously aware that you are “tripping” otherwise you would not enjoy it.


pink skin thick ass give em whiplash


pink skin thick ass give em whiplash

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you know you have hit your lowest point of being low when you start procrastinating your showers

had to

had to

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